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Exterior and interior signage

101 W. North Avenue

Project Description

Exterior and Interior Signage

This project is a conceptual proposal for exterior and interior graphics for the existing brand Slack. The proposed location is an abandoned historic, modernist building, once The Maryland National Bank, located at 101 W. North Avenue in Baltimore, MD. The objective is to seamlessly merge the identity of Slack with the former bank while attempting to preserve a part of Baltimore’s historic architecture.
I first conducted a site visit and recorded the elevations. The modernist building was designed by Smith & Veale in the 50s and 60s. I found that the building changed hands many times; it began as The Maryland National Bank, and served as an exhibition site and grocery store.

After several visual studies and sketches, I realized that the plan view of the building mimicked the crosshatching of the Slack logo. I applied this concept to the building, making it building as logo. The concrete consoles, extruding from four sides of the building become the multi-colored facets of Slack.

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